5 Anchors of building an influential tribe and a proactive network of collaborators around you

How often you have wished there could be that elite network of collaborators who are willing to pool in their expertise and support for manifesting your ideas. Did you aspire for a tribe of like-minded peers and mentors with professional craftsmanship to refine your ideas, take them to next level or even partner with you to realize a goal with much larger impact?. With whom you could confidently rely upon and commit yourself within a coherent team to achieve your goals. Furthermore, how often you have knocked yourself for mis-utilizing a potential opportunity to engage and to introduce yourself to a larger ecosystem of influential minds and outreaching infrastructure , but missed to realize the potential opportunity each time.

Well, if your answer is positive on any of these checkpoints, then you have to pause at this point, evaluate, and reflect for a while. Here, I enlist the 5 founding principles to have dialled down before venturing to build a sustainable collaboration network and a influential tribe around you.

It starts with YOU extending an authentic “valuable” hand

Before I enlist the anchors of influence and network building, I would like to propose a preposition on which they tend to be based-

“The status-quo at any given instance in a collaborative arrangement of association between individuals is a direct function of the value arithmetic amongst the participants”. Value here refers to the intellectual, infrastructural, financial (etc) resources at play while dealing with each stage of manifesting a project. For example in the starting phase of team building its mostly intellectual, while in the mature stages it could intellectual and infrastructural.

Without further adieu lets crack into the principles-

  1. Know thyself and know your ties thereon: Define your own value (unique!) preposition to as much gritty details as possible. You make your bargain/proposal based on the value you bring to the table. So be as much authentic about it. The marked value tag that a potential partner puts on the deal is based on the identity you convey and the clarity of your value preposition.
  2. Find the right platforms for introducing your presence and get noticed :You should try to make yourself available at the platforms where the influencers in your field of interest frequent the most. For example, lets say there is an online networking platform where your potential partner/s has a presence and huge followership against a niche platform where he voices his opinions, interacts more with audience and expects feedback. In this case, this niche platform caters to his current active area of communication. So the odds of you making an impact on him, is best through this platform/s.
  3. Knowledge of the scope of the scenario/problem that defines your intentions as well as the dynamics of prevailing environment with which it interacts :Scout the field of interest to as much detail and be aware of the average learning curve of maturing in that field, which leads you to become an active presence in the community. Be aware that in the present times, the real-time environment of any field is very dynamic, and you have to stay abreast of the transformative events around you. This enables you to be self-sufficient to attract a new potential collaborator at any stage and in the event of any given crisis.
  4. Define calibrated levels of progression : Your pathway to influential leadership is not instantaneous, its a journey guided by planning and structure. For instance, in the initial phase you need to have a decent understanding of the theoretical aspects of basic skillset to make an entry to the tribe, but you will mostly lack the practical component. Here, you may need to take a follower/mentee mode. But as you build a deeper functional domain knowledge, you are in a position to exert that knowledge to negotiate for appropriate infrastructural value in the next levels of influence in your expanding network.For instance the ladder could be laid out as from a facilitator of team building to domain team leader , followed by transformative change leader and finally a breakthrough leader and agent of social change.
  5. Sustain the growth and upscale the knowledge aiming for greater impact: You have to always monitor your growth against the milestones and deliverables. Your intentions are not isolated rather they are evolving entities which mature in the interaction with the environment you navigate. This dashboard of individual growth vs impact within and outside your tribe will guide you to develop a more mature strategy for a mission that has a larger sphere and scale of influence.

Finally, empathy and sensibility is of paramount importance while negotiating, building and leading your team. As Janna Cachola said “Connection and teamwork are very much intertwined. If you can’t connect with a person be a team player. If a person does not show teamwork connect with them. All engagement is centred around relationships”

I conclude here my brief walk-through the principle elements of team building and networking. Please post your valuable comments and don’t forget to follow if you like the content.





Mentor for leadership & people-skills. New voice in the data -powered business community. I try to expose the ‘meta of things’.

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Mentor for leadership & people-skills. New voice in the data -powered business community. I try to expose the ‘meta of things’.

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